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   A. Beattie

       Experience & Expertise Since 1982




   Companion Dog GUNDOG TRAINING

    Across Lanarkshire & West Lothian

Our passion

Many dogs are frustrated, unable to do what they were bred for.. frustration is a stress, and stressed dogs exhibit behaviours that are often attempts to alleviate stress.. it may be that they or you cannot participate in such a manner to its fullest ..but there will be some sport or fun you can have that brings out the best and satiates their needs.. 

Gundog trials & training, Search & Rescue, Agility, Rally-o, HTM, Shed-Hunting, KcGCA, Man-trailing, that thing with the yoga balls, IPO- Shutzhund, Going-to-Ground. 

There is not much better than watching a working dog do what it has been bred to do.. (not their raw instinctive behaviour)..but those instincts that were once harnessed and then trained to be used to work alongside humans. 

Trained until experienced with rules, repetition, opportunity, forging a relationship with the handler and boundaries.

We work daily with families having issues with the behaviours of working dogs in family homes, not every working dog will be frustrated but for those that are. ..the highly driven, the ones with low thresholds and hyper-aroused.. those companion dogs are just crying out to participate in what they were bred for. 

By giving most of these dogs opportunity to 'work', creating dogs that use brains in the face of following instincts, the ability to follow instruction and be controlled until able to self-control .. many of the problems seen within family homes would be alleviated.

Treat them like a dog ..give their species and breed the respect it deserves.

Hi, If you are already familiar with us, you'll recognise our little helpers.. Cupar and Balfour. 

They often work alongside the client dog, to mentor, demonstrate, befriend, distract, excite or just to add numbers.

You can see more of what they get up to on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

High drive working dogs can find themselves with unsuspecting, sometimes time restricted owners who feel that the dog needs to learn to calm down...that he's destructive ..unhappy at being left .. guarding, doesn't listen in distractions.. won't return when called..

Working lines are designed to have stamina.. they have an incredible amount of drive and instinct, heritable traits and genetics..

Taking on working-line, high-drive high-energy dogs and expecting them to live in a home with barely enough exercise to satisfy their needs will create a disruptive dog.

So what does it mean to give your dog a job?

When you give your dog a job, you put him to work by letting him do something that makes good use of his breed’s characteristics... Any dog can benefit too ..not just working breeds.

Those who have jobs to do are usually well-behaved, balanced dogs because their owners/handlers funnel their energy into productive work.

When they’re put to task, these dogs are following instruction by voice, whistle or hand commands.. happy to be under control, applying self control.. thinking ..concentrating .. focussing sticking to rules and boundaries

Training & Structure


Nose work



Gundog training

Shed hunting

Trick training

Heel-work to Music

Search & rescue







Swimming & dock diving..

Even if you just set something up daily in your garden'll see a difference. We dont offer all the options, 'Jack of all trades - Master of none' springs to mind there, but we do offer structured training programs and companion dog gundog training alongside the behavioural work that we have excelled in for many years.