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   A. Beattie

       Experience & Expertise Since 1982




   Companion Dog GUNDOG TRAINING

    Across Lanarkshire & West Lothian

Gundog breed Puppy Training 

We see dog after dog that has been allowed 'too much freedom - too soon' in their early months.. having learned to enjoy exploring the world away from you, gaining their independence as they enter adolescence, practicing hunting behaviours (in the name of playing with other dogs) valuing other dogs more than being with you, only returning when they are ready - it's a lot to reverse and not easy work for you. 

We have adolescent gundog sessions for that..

We also offer training that keeps the sport in mind, should you wish to later do a little fun gundog work ..Scurries etc.

 Puppy training to help you learn to not make those mistakes & to prevent them from happening as much as possible.

These can be taken alongside any puppy training you may have started ..or combined with our regular puppy training sessions.

Early Months Gundog Puppy Training.

Ideal for pups 6 months and under.

Sessions approx. 60 minutes 

Depending on puppy ability/stamina


Law Village, Carluke

 Contact us through the contacts page, on messenger, by text, by email or Facebook messages.

07787 402 759

(Phone calls are not monitored)

Regular puppy training may not cover the skills you want in as much depth or in keeping with your gundog hobby..

We can concentrate on the starter skills while you train the other basics alongside these skills.. and then move on to further the skills as the pup is ready with our Companion-dog gundog sessions

The puppy training will give priority to areas such as:

Heel position



Early whistle work


Walking skills


Leave/drop/out (dead)


Intro to dummies.

Response to stimuli.