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   A. Beattie

       Experience & Expertise Since 1982






Based upon National average Standard Industry Training & Behaviour Therapy hourly rates*

(See bottom of page for details)

121 Mini Training Session £70 (suitable for leash walking skills)

This service is available in Law Village only, 

Either join us around the village, in the village park, or if you have hired the Run Free Secure Dog Field, we can meet you there. 

Mini training sessions £70 1 hour - 90 mins

Private Puppy Training - £95 EACH

The sessions take place in your home OR SUITABLE LOCATION for a full morning, developed to start with any age of puppy from 10 weeks,

Ask for a copy of our comprehensive schedule of training and advice to see what can be covered and tailored to you and your pup

Puppy Training & Advice Consultations £150

A 'one-visit' Puppy Training & Advice Consultation that takes place in your home for a full morning this is offered to address any worries or questions you may have on any area of raising a puppy.

Ask for a copy of our comprehensive schedule of training and advice to see what can be covered and tailored to you and your pup

121 Dog Training £150

121 Dog Training takes place out in a suitable location for a full morning

The service includes an assessment of needs, post session emails to cover the work involved in order to progress, demonstration, possibly demonstration/stooge dogs if needed & ongoing help is then always at hand to support the process. 

Recall £150

Recall with Reactive Dog £195

Spend a morning out on a private recall training session with us

A unique training program will be put together for your dog

The session covers:

Discovering why your dog wont recall

PRE-Recall skills

Whistle returns

Impulse control

Leash walking

Sit Stays / Down Stays

Adding distance to recall

Adding distractions

Handling skills

Listening skills

Returning from distraction

Evaluation/assessment only.  £180

A dog’s personality is formed by a complex interplay between his genetic predispositions, his breed inheritance, his developmental circumstances and his life experiences. 

While behaviour as a whole is a reflection of personality, a dog’s behaviour at any given time is heavily influenced by his emotional state, his instinctive responses, his stress level and the specific environment. 

Thus, any single source of information should be considered a 'piece of the puzzle' The more pieces you have, the more complete the puzzle.

Assessments are only what the assessor finds to be true at the time of evaluation ..therefore information will be primarily gathered from the owner/guardian of the dog 

Assessment / Evaluation £180

Assessments are now only available where the client requests advice only on the extent of the work necessary together with prognosis, without a training program set - third party assessments are no longer carried out.


Detailed Reports 

We no longer provide reports for any legal issues you may have with regard to your dog as the time spent on such situations removes availability to carry out our other obligations.



Fun Gundog training sessions for your companion dog

Join us for private training sessions using gundog training with your companion dog.. Fun training designed to build skills that are useful for any dog owner, whether you have a traditional gundog breed or not.  

See page for more details.

Our best value service.  £70 session 

allow 60 - 90 mins

Join us in Law Village Park or at Carluke Run-Free dog field (field hire price not included




Arousal Control /Drive Control /Over Excited/    £245

REACTIVE /Hyper Sensitive /Fearful /Cautious    £245

121 Arousal Control Dog Training Sessions take place out in a suitable 'Real Life' locations. 

Allow a full morning

#Greenhead Moss


Mauldslie Bridge/Clyde Walkway






The service includes, Pre-consultation assessment of needs, Post session admin to cover the work involved in order to progress, Demonstration, Treatment program, Possible demonstration/stooge dogs, Ongoing help to support the process.

Further progression and maintenance by agreement.



(based upon National Average Standard Industry Training & Behaviour Therapy hourly rates)

The Behavioural Consultations take place in a suitable location for a full morning, and completed once we are back in the office

The service and fees include

Pre-visit preparation and discussion time

Functional behavioural analysis,


A program of treatment


Post consultation admin for emails to cover both findings and the work involved in order to progress,

Travel time/fees

Ongoing Aftercare at hand to support the process. Continuity Sessions may be advised.

A Behavioural session typically lasts for half a day out on location or on occasion, within your home, after we have completed preparation work - (which saves time during the consultation) We then spend a number of hours in the office compiling notes to support the visit.

We need to put aside at least 8 hours of the day for each behaviour consultation.

By booking a Session, we may need to arrange decoy helpers and dogs - and ensure that the booking fits in with their schedule too. Some clients have had to wait several weeks to have an agreed time slot due to the nature of their lifestyle and availability in our appointments

For Continuity Training Sessions, Prices will be quoted from £95


Book three or more consecutive days of following a training program.. Tailored to your dog for suitability.. This is a fabulous opportunity to really crack down on your dogs training.. Useful if you find making time for individual appointments a struggle..


Behaviour Crash Courses - (3 - 5 days) Consecutive Days of training

We welcome clients, local, or from further afield who feel that a service of consecutive sessions will be of best benefit.

The course will begin with a functional analysis in order to ascertain what work needs to be put in place, questionnaires will be provided and we may ask for video footage.

For those wishing to stay in accommodation, we can suggest dog friendly cottages / b&b or caravan sites within the Clyde Valley just minutes from where we would work, out of doors at Lanark Loch.

The course comprises of

Three consecutive full mornings or afternoons in training ..

The service includes

Pre-visit preparation and discussion time

Functional behavioural analysis,


A program of treatment

Possibly demonstration/stooge dogs if needed

Post consultation time for emails to cover both findings and the work involved in order to progress,


Travel time/fees

Ongoing Aftercare at hand to support the process.

The service has a one off payment fee ..quotes will be offered approx... £450 - £750


*National Average Standard Industry Training & Behaviour Therapy hourly rates 2020

A good, experienced, up-to-date, private dog trainer will be around £60 - £80 /hour. (Less experienced trainers should charge less.) sessions of 2hrs or more in duration are usually to be expected.

A private session with an experienced and specialist behaviourist should be around £90- £150 /hour. (Prices will vary according to the severity and nature of the behaviours involved.)

You should expect to allow 3hrs for each session required.

For Comparison -A vet/clinical behaviourist will be around £200+

Consultations will be by fixed appointment.

Ask for a quote, and a proposal of time and estimate of work to be carried out.

The more complex the problem, the more their services will cost... & You may need multiple sessions.

If you are advised that you will need further sessions to make progress, most professionals will offer a package price to ensure that you get the best deal..

You may feel that the charges are high for the time that they spend with your dog..

However we will be travelling, preparing evaluations, quoting, spending time messaging or speaking on the phone with you beforehand. After the session many will write up reports, draft up written explanations and notes to cover your session as well as offer you ongoing support..

Some will be working in dangerous situations where time and patience are required..

The time spent with your dog is only a part of the full working day that the professional is hired for.

Sadly due to an increasing number of missed appointments which carry losses to us, we now only take bookings accompanied by payment - unless we can see you sooner, payments must be made within a week of the appointment, so that we can offer the appointment to others should you not proceed.

Rescheduling/transfer of payment will only be possible if the notice is given with more than 2 calendar days prior to the original appointment.

Refunds will not be provided under any circumstances to compensate for preparation time and business loss. 

Due to high demand, we cannot hold an appointment without payment.