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   Companion Dog GUNDOG TRAINING

    Across Lanarkshire & West Lothian

Shed Hunting

Shed Antler Hunting can be enjoyed by anyone that enjoys being in the outdoors, it's slow paced- doesn't involve any chasing or keeping up with a fast dog..

Hunting wild animals with dogs is unlawful.. your gundog skills will allow for your dogs to be steady to, and not chase or displace wildlife.

Shed-hunting is a scent-tracking pastime.

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The Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill was published on 24 February 2022. It will repeal and replace the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002.

The bucks don't drop their antlers until March/ April. 

The best places to search for these shed antlers are on the flat grassy areas beside rivers, and where branches of trees have come down in the wind or fallen overloaded with snow. 

They stags graze on pine needles, and rummage around in the fallen branches, sometimes knocking the antlers off prematurely (this would happen around March/April.)

At the foot of steep banks, where the stags have to put a bit of effort into leaping up the bank; the strenuous jumping often leads to loose antlers falling there too.

Random sheds can be found anywhere.. but there are ways to predict better chances of finding them... 

Shed-hunting is a tracking sport practiced from November and throughout the springtime. This is when deer shed their antlers, leaving them on the ground.

It’s a type of hunting with your dog where you don’t have a gun, you don't hunt any wildlife ..there are plenty of deer dropping sheds in urban areas too so its ideal as a sport for companion hunting dogs


Shed Hunting

Learn how to teach your dog to find antler sheds.

& then come along on a Shed Hunt

For any dog that loves to play fetch or do scent work.

It is truly a family sport and you don’t need to hunt live animals, shoot a gun or have a gun license. 

You can train your dog with us to help you find sheds - Most of us already take our dogs out with us when we walk in the woods but how about giving your dog a task to do while afield.

Even older dogs can enjoy the sport so long as they can cover the ground it needn't be a fast pace.

Shed hunt training can take a little while to become reliable beforehand ..due to the obedience and control needed. 

But don't let this put you off, it's gentle tracking and so long as your dog is physically able, it is suitable and fun for them at any age... It can be started by training a search and indication/retrieves in the home.. 

Book a session to get started

(in the UK a dog should be on a leash on Open Access land between March and June due to deer birthing and ground nesting birds, so you may have to use a harness and line and keep him away from displacing any wildlife.)

As a final note, we put back what you don't need .. the cast antlers serve as nutritious food for both the deer and other wildlife to eat.

Sessions are currently held in Law Village at £60 each.