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   A. Beattie

       Experience & Expertise Since 1982




   Companion Dog GUNDOG TRAINING

    Across Lanarkshire & West Lothian

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Heres what some of our clients have said over the past few years....​

Fantastic work! I learned loads!! Great to see how much a puppy can learn whilst loving every second of it!! Training???....oh all the way!

Happy Puppy


Thankyou so much, I had ran out of options and ideas , even to be told Luna is too old to train any further .

Sandra & Luna . 2017

Adrianne thank you so much we learnt so much just from our first session and really seeing some of the tips you gave us working with Archie. What a difference


Hi Adrienne, just to let you know about bellas progress since your help...well she's markedly better! Still wearing her fetching harness for better control and the double ended lead, I still call her to me whenever we see a dog so she's nearly lost that habit of running up to dogs. There's still the odd one, always a medium sized female she has a growl at, but she's always on the lead by then anyway. I'm now Many thank again for your help, best wishes, Jo x

Thanks, Jo. X 2016

" Well i put it to the test today and dropped the lead at the high park...........big open grassy play area NOT fenced in but i thought less distractions/ scents than out in the fields or woods to try some training with Cali. Thrilled to say she did her first ever recal straight to me....NO flyby etc. When we were heading out of park with me holding lead again a loose dog ran over to say hello then ran off again. Cali took a few steps after it then stopped stood and watched for a minute then ran back to me without a word from me. Dare i think i had more value than the dog....thats a first!! I also tried the scatter trail up the stairs again to see if it had been a fluke but no she ran past all the food and gave a hand touch then cued to food. She really is making great progress."

Cocker Spaniel puppy - impulse control 2017

I can confidently say Adrianne that if it had not been for your experitise and support with Lomond and Henry, we would not have trusting dogs and be the confident owners we are becoming now. Resource guarding is very scary - I remember the first time Lomond did it - I really thought he was going to attack me and I was absolutely petrified. In my opinion though it's too easy to give up on the dog and "get rid" for such awful behaviour and it really isn't all about changing the dogs behaviour alone.

We personally got great confidence in knowing how to identify, understand and avoid triggers and read the behaviours of our dogs to assist us with addressing and diffusing guarding situations confidently. The results we have gained mean that we have very happy, relaxed confident dogs and owners. We know the "triggers" will always be there and episodes may still happen through their lives, but knowing why they happen, how to avoid them and how any eliminate danger (including to the dog) and to deal with them is key. I dread to think if we hadn't been lucky enough to be given the chance to give Lomond and Henry a forever home and worked with you, our dog walkers and our dogs unconditionally where they would be now ... it certainly wouldn't be in a loving home spoiled rotten! Thank you xxx

Black lab / fox-red lab 2016

OMG!!! We have a new dog! He seems to be so much calmer. He is still barking at the TV sometimes but when I say 2 3 4 it seems to be having an instant effect of calming down about 90% of the time.

West Highland White 2017

"" It's already made a difference....neighbour has 4 kids and a dog she has difficulty in controlling so barks a lot and make a huge fuss getting in car...straight away Harley ran to door barking, even Radar joined in (for all of 5 secs) and I called Harley into kitchen and he looked at me then door then me then door...suddenly had an option but could see he didn't know which to use but after about 20sec chose me, sat, touched my hand he got a treaT and didn't go back barking.. ""

Harley-Labrador - hyper-arousal 2017


Adrianne is a lovely lady and it's very apparentshe loves her job. Very reasonably priced for the 1 to 1 training you receive.She also uses different techniques to accommodate each dog which was a breathof fresh air x


Hi I have been following your page for a little while now having adopted Paddy (my rescue Lab) 12 months ago. He lacked basic obedience and has behavioural issues due to not being socialised as well as mistreated. We had spent the first 6 months working with a local positive reinforcement trainer but they don't offer any more courses at present. So Ijust wanted to say that in the past 6 months that I have been working with him on our own I have found your posts to be extremely informative, helpful and supportive. He's coming along slowly but surely and each obstacle he overcomes is such a huge step for us both. I can see him begin to relax with things that used to make him anxious and we enjoy each other more every day. Thank you SO much for doing what you do and taking the time to share your knowledge with us xx


would reccomend to anyone needing help or advice!

Cheryl Mac

Sheesh this internet is hard work this is nowthe second time im going to type this ...... Adrienne is such a lovely lady whohad adoration for dog physically, mentally and emotionally ..... I would never have dreamt to learn so much about dogs and that they don't just sit down, liedown, walk, eat, sleep and play theres so much for everyone to learn andAdrienne is the lady for the job would recommend her to everyone even if theydon't have dogs its just so great learning to pass on :-)

Linda Jamieson McGuire

Molly is doing a lot better. Following the outstanding advice we received. Still room for improvement. Thunder shirt appearing extremely successful. Cannot recommend orthank you enough. Bracing ourselves for fireworks. Thank you for helping us to understand Molly again!! Fabulous service. No hesitation. Worth every penny


Fantastic experience with adrianne, 100% nonjudgemental, very good prices for 1-1 training programme. She adores her joband also supports and gives out advice in anyway she can to the owners. Such alovely woman and very easy to approach and get on with. Crystal loved gettingall the attention from her. Would recommend adrianne to anyone

Jen Daly

Best dog trainer & behaviourst north of the border, will come at the problem from the dogs view which gets to the root of the problem & helps the dogs quicker & therefore us too

Lola –Cocker Spaniel

Thank youso much for your invaluable help and support with our puppy Lola. We nowhave a very well behaved little dog whom we are enjoying. she is alreadyhouse trained and responding well to walking on a lead, although we have alittle way to go yet! Your advice and notes were great. We couldnot have coped without you. We would certainly advise anybody with a newpuppy to get in touch with you fast!

Carmen - Livingston

June 4, 2013 Julie - livingston

''I have been doing the walkies with Cupar forjust 2 months, in that time Perry has overcome his fear of cars, thanks to me learning how to use the clicker properly. He used to need catching first and then physically lifting into the back of the car. Now he will leap into the car without hesitation. Perry obviously loves his walks with Cupar and always comes back happy, exhausted, wet (and muddy) – just what a labrador needs. For me, PawManagement is reliable, trustworthy and extremely accommodating, As we walk, I get advice and tips on training Perry. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Re Bonnie

June 5, 2013

'The best help we have had from Pawmanagement was from when Cupar accompanied us on a walk, to give us guidance on letting Bonnie loose! With the tips from Adrianne and seeing Cupar do his recall, we can now let her off her lead to run around & burn off energy. We all love nothing better than going on a nice long walk seeing Bonnie running round happy, this also makes thingsat home a lot easier as she is a lot calmer.’

 “I had been to a trainer before, it was one where we went to them, after I watched them lift my dog up in the air and then show me how to hold herdown on the ground, I never went back. The behaviour did get worse and I was reluctant to try another trainer, but I was recommended Adrianne and Cooper by a friend and the way she trains is really gentle and the dog gets reallyexcited when I get the clicker out of her cupboard now, She has calmed down somuch and sits before the door opens even when we have someone visit. The chewing has stopped completely and she sleeps all night and is actually tiredbefore she gos to bed. I know she is happier. I would say to anyone to make sure that the way you train your dog is by using kind ways and not by scaring your dog. The good thing was the trainer I went to before was expensive andwith Adrianne it cost less than £150 for everything.”

Gina and Penny -September 2013

June 5, 2013

"‘I must say you have transformed all of us– . I never thought he would “leave it” when walking passed a bacon sandwichleft on the coffee table, and he did it with some cheese and crackers left whenthe telephone rang too..the same evening."

"We couldnt believe that she could change so quickly, I suppose the thought that it mightnot work and the idea that I would be spending loads of money nearly put meoff, but we only needed two sessions, so under £100 which I couldn’t believebecause she had been so bad with other dogs for such a long time." .. “it is amazing watching her play with other dogs”

Gillian and Ava - reactive toother dogs (August 2013)

Munster- Bischon Frise & Jonty - Doberman

February 25, 2014

"Munster walks really nicely now on hislead and we have been practicing his recall every day, he is really good nowwhen there are no other dogs about, but we use the methods that we learned andhe is getting much better all the time at coming back from other dogs"Munster - Pulling on the lead and no recall The help you gave us has made ahuge difference to us, Jonty just walks by other dogs now, sometimes he evensays hello. Walking with your dog using the training that you showed us wasreally good, and now we don’t have to listen to him crying and whining everytime he sees another dog." Claire and Jonty - Leash reactivity

Adrianne came highly recommended and her one to one dog training has proved invaluable. Without the distraction of other dogs around, Adrianne went through everything that Filo should be learning and showed us how to get Filo to listen to us. She also provided handouts to help us to continue the training on our own.

Lesley - Armadale

"Remus met my new grandson yesterday and was absolutely

brilliant. Thanks to your advice he has calmed down a lot."

Shona and Remus labrador March 2014

Adrianne has so much knowledge & great advice, she's great at training us humans to train our dogs through kind methodsand positive reinforcement! She showed us how to get him to do the things we wantedwithout having to get hold of his collar or pull and push him around.

We've had Oscar for a while now andwouldn't be without him but it was really

hard at first when we got him. Oscarwould cry when Adrianne left, he loved her to bits and would do anything for her. Wewould tell anyone not sure about using a behaviourist to use one, it reallyhelped us to understand Oscar and how to cope with him and train him.

J.Barnes & Oscar labrador March 2014

Thanks very much. Tara is definitely the best behaved pup I've had. I'm just glad I now know how to teach her to listen tocommands etc. I'll definitely be recommending your services!

Thanks again,

Gary ...(Gary and Tara GSD adolescent, workingon impulse control and listening skils ready for walking on the lead March 2014)

“....And then your advice about taking baby steps, and that it's natural for them to behave differently in different environments. If I'd have had some of the experienceswith Sara without your advice sitting in my head, she'd have ended up as just a foster and we'd have convinced ourselves that we weren't the right home for her. “


“Baileys lead in one hand and my 3 year old in the other hand i was ready to attempt what wasvirtually impossible before and walk both of them at once. HE WAS LIKE ADIFFERENT DOG!! I could not get over how from even the first step out the frontdoor he was so much calmer and waited on me actually locking the door......walking along out the gate he tried to do his usual little yank me forward toget to the grass just outside the gate but he instantly stopped when theharness kicked in (dont know what magical power it actually has but worked!) wewalked perfectly to nursery all three of us and then Myself and Bailey went onthe best walk i have ever been with him.... he met other dogs and yes he got excited but my arm was not pulled out of the shoulder socket!! I came homefeeling brilliant and not frustrated like i normally do, my hands were the usual colour and not sore and red from the lead being yanked through it. He was sufficiently treated all the way through the walk aswell everytime he looked atme or stopped and sat properly when we got to the road. Cant believe it.awesome. boy this boy got large fast “


“Adrianne your advice has been invaluable over the last 6 months for me and Xena too, I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me and you are so right again in the way dogs are all so different. I have had dogs all my life done the shows and obedience stuff too and did well but after I got so sick it's like starting all over again my brain is not like it was years ago much slower now like my joints are not good either but I am determined to do the best for my little pup and do the best for her she will be my last ever dog I feel and I need to really know how she ticks(so to speak) and I am getting there with her your advice of 5 mins sessions of a certain type training works what ever it may be I don't do any more than those valuable 5 mins in any training session then move onto another one an hour a day of different stuff including a bit of agility, then lots of play time. Kristina”


“Well have to say Adrianne ive never been given advice good or bad that i can remember in the 13 years of having a dog ...and now i get fantastic advice regularly from yourself! and all of its the best advice!! Christa”

"Hi Adrianne

Belle & Beau were introduced to our wee grandson on Saturday. We followed your

guidelines and were very well behaved. No issues to report . Thank you for your help. "

Regards Bill - Oct 14

"Thanks again, such a difference in her already. The info you sent is great and

I'm sure it'll be a big help. Much appreciated,"

Nicola Sept 14

"thanks for everything we all see a big difference this evening just with the

recall, hopefully we will get there a little more. Thank You " Angela, Sept 14

"Hi Adrianne. ...I cannot thank you enough for today. ..already I have noticed a change in woofer. ..I went straight to the pet hut after you left and sure

enough they had the halti and double ended lead...she and I both love it and she seems much calmer when we,re out...I got her some webbox trays and shes wolfed that down for dinner..".. Hazel & Woofer - Oct 14

''we had tried everything .even the vet said she might be like it for the rest of her life, shes not perfect and there are still a few moments, but we know how to deal with them now and what to do. Shes a lot more relaxed and we haven't seen her being aggressive for over a year now thanks once again Adrianne .'' Yvonne & Bella

". I think we've realised how much of the behaviour was due to pain as he's

doing so much better now. Not perfect but a big improvement.

He gets his second op on Thursday and if his recovery goes as smoothly as the

first leg then we're laughing!

The paddling pool is a real hit and he loves the marrow bones. He'd spend all

day in the garden with them if we let him! "

''we had tried everything .even the vet said she might be like it for the rest of her life, shes not perfect and there are still a few moments, but we know how to deal with them now and what to do. Shes a lot more relaxed and we haven't seen her being aggressive for over a year now thanks once again Adrianne .'' Yvonne & Bella

". I think we've realised how much of the behaviour was due to pain as he's

doing so much better now. Not perfect but a big improvement.

He gets his second op on Thursday and if his recovery goes as smoothly as the

first leg then we're laughing!

The paddling pool is a real hit and he loves the marrow bones. He'd spend all

day in the garden with them if we let him! "


I cannot thank you enough I cried tears of joy when I got home even how mucky

and smelly Simba was. He had a ball. It brought back memories of my other dogs

and how they used to play. I was worried at first with his barking ... but he

calmed down in less than the 20 minutes today.

... all the people were so nice and understanding.... I am honestly so so

happy... His watch me did not work but understandable with the fun he was

having. " Mary & Simba

"Wohoo I know I'm so proud of her and she looked so happy! Every so often she

would look at me and stop for a pet as if to say "who is the best dog in the!" Lol! I couldn't have done it without your help so thank you again

xx." Lora & Cassie Oct 14

''can go out now and not worry that she is tearing the house apart cheers John''

E.Broadley‎ August 2015

''Internal fist bump moment. Had the comment I seem to give but we have never receive until now. whilst recalling sitting and watch me whilst off lead and a little old nosey dog wouldn't leave Toby alone as his mummy walked by. We got a "wish my dog was that obedient" ''

''Proud doggy momma. Toby's did amazing at his first training session I'm so looking forward to see what we will be able to achieve together. Feeling very proud.

Thanks again Adrianne''

A. Heatherill‎ November 2015

''I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your training tips so far. This is poppy today off the lead and we really enjoyed having fun with her. She is responding so well to the training but hasn't lost her craziness. Thanks again.x ''

Pam Neary December 15

Proud of my Oscar today. Went away his walk and encountered five separate dogs and was brilliant with all of them. Excited barking but then just sniffs and proper doggy greeting. He has come a long way in the last year with the knowledge Adrianne Beattie of pawmanagement, gave us we are getting there. Still a way to go but yep he's a wee star. ⭐

Paula Gordon Yip!! Wallace my wee Westie is two next month this first two year have been hard and I was tearing my hair out and going crazy at one point but with a lot of love, patience and bags load of advice from a great behaviourist (Adrienne), he has turned out to be the best fur friend ever. He is still a cheeky wee toad and chances his mit but a great wee dog. Takes time and energy but it is so worth it . Thanks paw management

March 2016

Kerri Noble 5star Had the first session today for my 4 year old lab (working on changing emotions towards other dogs to overcome fear) was ...delighted with the amount of information and details provided for my own understanding as well as the outcome with the training for my dog. All in all it was a fantastic service provided by a fantastic trainer!

March 2016

Hi Adrianne, thought I would give you a wed update in Deisel I am very proud to tell you he is now going out everyday for a walk and slowly progressing to longer walks...thank you so much for all your help and advice... I feel like I've got my dog back.He is still anxious but coping and that's more than I thought possible x

April 2016

Hi Adrianne, thank you again for your help. It changed a lot in my way of thinking. Thank you as well for all the additional materials that you sent me. I will have what to read and consider. I will be in touch. Take care.

April 2016

Thank u too Aidrianne, i shall always praise both you and Cupar for the miracle you performed on Brea. When things may get too much you WILL be my first port of call. xx

Hiya. Update!Just had Sherlock out for walk. We now are using the recommended harness and the Kong as well as following the strategies and techniques you taught. He is doing good. Still on high alert at times but at certain points he can really have an enjoyable walk. Ive introduced an additional strategy of keepi walks shorter closer to home for the time being but more regular through out the day. Today he was amazing. Other than 1 singular woof at a ladder in his path he did not bark once - he did not overly "pull" on the lead.. I am happy for him at this time to be in front so long as there is no continuous pull. The wait and walk on works well when he begins to pull and he seems to have grasped this well.I am delighted with his progress so far. And although we still have lots to learn and develop together it's been a great learning curve for us both this week. Wanted to let you know. X

Hi Adrianne, just to let you know about Bellas progress since your help...well she's markedly better! Still wearing her fetching harness for better control and the double ended lead, I still call her to me whenever we see a dog so she's nearly lost that habit of running up to dogs. There's still the odd one, always a medium sized female she has a growl at, but she's always on the lead by the anyway. I'm now working 2 v long days at a nursing hone so me and Bella enjoying lots of nice walks together. Never heard from the dog warden by the way! Many thank again for your help, vest wishes, Jo xThanks, Jo. X

June 2016

Hi! Thanks so much for sending everything through. You have no idea how helpful (despite cut short - sorry) has been. Harry has been a complete star. None of his previous behaviour. We even had them st the highland shoe as we were going to be out all day. It's not my ideal but they thoroughly enjoyed. They did get attention it we managed it so it wasn't too overwhelming and they were fab although tired pooches! Thank you so much. Just knowing you are available gives so much comfort. Xx

June 2016

Don't forget to look at our videos on you tube.. You won't find guides on how to train or change behaviour because every dog and situation is unique.. But there are some Before & After clips and Little bits of our dogs.. You'd be daft to hire a professional without seeing their work first.

Click the link below to go to our you tube channel