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   A. Beattie

       Experience & Expertise Since 1982




   Companion Dog GUNDOG TRAINING

    Across Lanarkshire & West Lothian

Track &Trail 

Track & Trail Sessions held in Law Village 


Special offer price £50

Allow around 90 minutes..

Generally we hold a couple of sessions after getting your dog 'primed'  leaving a few weeks in between sessions for you to establish the skills required to move on.

Email- [email protected]

Or message through Facebook/WhatsApp/Messenger/Text

07787 402 759

(We don't take calls outside of the office written messages are preferred)

Tracking/Trailing Scentwork 

Training your dog how to follow his nose to find objects or even people is a fun and great training outlet for them, it can be part of their gundog training or something completely separate.

Join us for a couple of sessions where you can learn how to get started, & if you decide that hunting sheds is something you'd like to pursue, come along on a shed hunt with us sometime.

The gentle sport of shed hunting..

.. finding cast (shed) antlers that naturally fall from deer in the Autumn (generally after the rutting season) each year animals are displaced or hunted, and any sheds can be put back.

A shed-dog can be any breed, any age and any speed.. you don't have to be fast on your feet or have to keep up with them's a low-resulting sport, so non competitive and guaranteed to get you wrapped up warm and getting out and about in the colder months.

Note ..this is more about following a scent along the ground to find the source... Not so much scent-games, finding things hidden in vehicles etc. or distinguishing one scent from another (scent-ID)  

A couple of sessions with time between them to practice is the ideal 

When you book your session you'll be given some starter exercises to do indoors that will prime your dog.

Track &Trail 

Those of you who have worked with me before will know that I am not competitive.. it makes me happy to see dogs achieve their own best results, 

In a behavioural capacity this may be as simple as being able to cope with other dogs passing by or developing trust that makes them confident and feel safe..  

In training, I don't care for the fastest, the best results etc. So long as a dog is controlled and happy and enjoying what it is doing ..challenged and tasked, building a fantastic relationship with his or her owner, getting it wrong together as much as getting it right and sharing a sense of achievement. 

'Have a go' learning to do tracking and trailing is offered to you as a bit of fun you can have together, while giving your dog outlets for their natural behaviours...

 The training is beneficial to those who may have a gundog that hunts with their eyes too much and you wish to encourage the nose, or for breeds that have high prey drives and need to be slowed down .. or maybe your dog doesn't listen well, has his nose to the ground and follows it anyway..  

Any dog can enjoy a bit of scentwork.