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      A. Beattie Canine Behaviour Specialist

        Experience & Expertise Since 1982


Training Skills and Poor Behaviour Prevention

Speak to us about your training needs and we will provide you with a copy of our comprehensive puppy and dog training schedule.

As independent specialist trainers, our training covers far more than training classes can cover and is tailored to both you and your dogs skills and weaknesses

Don't forget to look at our videos on you tube.. Or on IGTV (Instagram TV).. You won't find guides on how to train or change behaviour because every dog and situation is unique.. But there are some Before & After clips and clips of all the hard work that goes on in between.

You'll find bits of our own dogs too as they have trained from puppy to adult.. (You'd be daft to hire a professional without seeing their work first.)

Click the link below to go to our you tube channel

We Are based in Law Village, Carluke and welcome you to join us in the village, or at locations

Greenhead Moss


Strathclyde Country Park

Lanark Loch

Polkemmet Country Park

Almondell Country Park

Dog Training Holidays.. Also available if you are not nearby

See our Services and Fees page

Risk Assessed Outdoor Venues*.. or Home Visits? 

You may feel that your dog would be best seen in the home where the behaviours you are struggling with are performed most.. on occasion this may be true, it won't be the same for everyone, however, in the first instance, to come along and address the symptom is not addressing the cause.

If you have booked, you will have completed an evaluation questionnaire that will identify areas in your dogs life that are elevating stress, arousal or other factors.

To work your dog 'over threshold' too close, too stimulated etc to the elements that are contributary to the resulting behaviours can not only be 'putting a band-aid on a broken leg, but delaying the progress that your dog could otherwise make.

Trust that we have almost 40 years of experience. 

*We use venues that are assessed for safety,.. (Ours as much as yours and that of your dog) familiarity, suitability and the challenges that they each offer.. So please don't ask that we meet you in your local park. 

Bottom line.. you'd not learn how to control your car, learn to drive and learn the rules of the road on the motorway 😬

Run Free Secure Dog Field

Here in Law Village, there is a 

Run Free Secure Dog Field, 

If you'd like us to join you for some training during your visit - get in touch. 

Mini training sessions  £50

Run Free Secure Dog Field, Law, Carluke. 

(does not include booking price of the field) 


Click above to go to the Run Free website